Welcome to Veggie Makes, a blog showcasing a little of everything from vegetarian cooking to creative living. ¬†Introductions…not great with them but I’ll start where I can with a bit about me.

My name is Amy, I’m twenty-five years of age, have been vegetarian for about 17 years and have a passion for cooking alongside many other things. I’ve just qualified from a long degree and work full time in Pharmacy. Throughout this I’ve married the man of my dreams and had a beautiful baby girl…who is now nearly a year old and done with Anorexia Nervosa. Life is busy.

Everyone has their joys, passions, flaws, and story…the busy-ness that makes up our lives but these individual flairs and passions make us who we are. Veggie Makes aims to showcase some of my own creative ideas to brighten life. It’s a website inspired by living life to the full and just enjoying the journey along the way no matter the battle. ¬†In summary I’m a veggie who bakes, makes and creates.

“A Veggie who Bakes, Makes and Creates…!”

Alongside the regular recipes you’ll find posts on a mix of things from baby care (one rookie first-time mummy’s perspective) to travel, artsy creations and simple ideas.¬† Life’s a journey and a piece of mine is shared in Veggie Makes.

Enjoy the read and feel free to get in touch.