Vegetarianism Baby…!

It’s one thing to decide for yourself that you are going to eat a meat-free20170709_075410445_iOS diet, but it’s another when you are making this decision for your child.  During pregnancy we decided that our little girl would eat meat in the same way my husband does. However at seven months I realised that the early stage meals I had been making her hadn’t yet contained meat…it just didn’t feel right to give her meat. Considering why, it went back to my core principles – although I would never be in a position to refuse her from trying meat when she is old enough to ask to, in the mean time her palette is in my hands and I couldn’t feed her meat unless she explicitly wanted it.

Where does this leave us now? Well it leaves us with a mummy who has done some pretty intense recipe exploration, discovering different taste combinations along the way for our little girl.  In doing so I’ve found tasty recipes which are perfect for the different stages of weaning in that first year.  However there’s also a range of pre-prepared baby foods and brands which I’ve come to trust and love for our little girl, which if you are a relatively new parent you might consider exploring.

20170629_112141318_iOSYes the aim is to make home cooked meals, yes on the whole I do but occasionally giving into a healthy and organic prepared veggie meal for my baby girl isn’t such a bad thing.  When tricky situations arise (including emergencies were you need to grab baby food supplies to come lunchtime and run on) the Ellas kitchen range is perfect.  And not to be too corny but the big smiles Cheesy pie with veggies wins hands down where my little girl is concerned.

20170629_112229800_iOSThe Organix brand can help give your little one a great start to the day, with their cereal range including baby rice suitable from four months and a gorgeous multigrain porridge at seven months, not to mention fruit-flavoured cereals and porridge such as strawberry and banana. My little girl loves these as a tasty breakfast when 20170629_111808293_ios.jpgmade with her own milk.

In terms of snacking, especially when out-and-about my default is either Farleys Rusks or the Organix Rice Cakes.  The bite-sized apple-flavour rice cakes keep babies from about seven months nibbling happily – especially when teething is an issue.